Open positions

Bachelor's and Master's projects

If you're a student looking for an undergrad project or an MS thesis project on privacy and security, please email me with details of your research interest. I am always happy to guide through new ideas which aligns with my research goals. Also, check the undergraduate and graduate programs at University of Denver.

Prospective PhD students

University of Denver has an excellent doctoral program in Computer Science. Admissions are managed centrally by the department. For details, please refer to the website for more details on the admission requirements. If you are especially interested in working in my lab, explain your interest in an email and provide your research statement.

Prospective Postdoctoral researchers

I am looking for motivated postdoctoral researchers for the new SPRINT lab. If interested, send me an email, in which:

  • You explain why you want to become part of my research group.

  • Please attach your research statement