Selected Projects

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Authentication Technologies

To mitigate password vulnerabilities, Multi-Factor Authentication, comes as a solution. I have worked on the user side of privacy and security by following qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods to provide actionable recommendations and effective insights for improving security hygiene of individuals and in turn enable protecting the online user data by exploring mental models and user experience.

Social Media Privacy & Security

Social media privacy and security is a major concern due to technological advancement and an increased user involvement. I have worked on several social media and Mobile messaging platforms, including, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to learn about the user privacy concerns and generate actionable solutions to enhance online user data and mitigate privacy concerns of individuals.

Phishing & Risk Communication

Phishing is the most common yet effective cybersecurity attack. I am involved in creating and learning risk communication tools that are effective in communicating risks to users by successfully catering to their mental models developed from user focused studies.

IOT Privacy and Security

IoT devices have become a part of our everyday usage. User studies focusing on the privacy concerns and understanding the security concerns of the smart devices especially that of smart toys are been studied.

Security Threats of E-Waste

E-waste has increased considerably over the last few years. With environmental concerns, security of such discarded and refurbished devices are often understudies. Our reseach provides effective recommednations to mitigate such risks.